On February 4th, Eat With Muslims went to Portland, Oregon in order to highlight the story of Salma Ahmed who is a Filipino-American Muslim. As part of the story, we went to MET, Muslim Educational Trust of Portland, which co-founded by Salma Ahmed, her husband, Dr. Musud Ahmed, a highly respected heart Surgeon and other Muslims in the Portland area. While touring the facility, the man in this picture came and said to us, "My name is Mark, I am an American who loves all of my fellow American's no matter shade or creed. I wanted to bring you flowers and to let you know that I care about you and I stand with you as my neighbors. Do not worry, because there are so many of us that support Muslims in our community." Then he handed the flowers to Salma. When he left, the security guard told us that all the flowers on the front desk were brought by neighbors of the school. This was very emotional for me since I am an optimist who always likes to see the glass half full. There's a lot of good that's coming out from Trumps divisive rhetoric and actions. American's always find a way to pull together when it counts. America is where the greatness of humanity shines the brightest, because America is the mother of every shade and creed in humanity.

By Fathia Absie